Searching beaches with a metal detector - the best places in the Tri-City
2023-05-23 / Facebook

While on the beach, we often see people walking with a metal detector. For some it is a form of relaxation and spending time as a hobby, for others it is an additional source of income. On the beach you can find many "treasures". You think to try? See how much fun it can be.

Small coins, jewellery, including: earrings and rings, watches and other valuables, as well as metal accessories are the most popular finds on Tricity beaches. Most often, these are things that holidaymakers have lost during their vacation. Sometimes you may be surprised how much there is. Beer caps or keys are also often found. If you want to go hunting, the best time is night or very early morning. That's why it's not a sport for those who like to sleep until noon ;)

When it comes to the place, all Tri-City beaches are suitable for exploration. Most people are, of course, in Sopot. Not only is the beach stretching along the entire resort, but also in the summer, there are almost all the time people on it who can lose something. In second place are the beaches in Gdańsk Jelitkowo and Brzeźno and the bathing areas in Gdynia.


According to Polish law, using a metal detector is absolutely legal. As for the search by the sea, it is allowed in the sandy coastal strip, that is, only on the beach. The device must not be used in dunes, cliffs, forests, fishing ports and harbours. To buy such equipment, you do not need a special permit or report this fact to any institution.

It is also worth knowing that found items worth over PLN 100 should be reported to the local county office. Ammunition, projectiles or weapons should be reported to the police. Historic items to the poviat conservator of monuments. Before starting your adventure, it is worth getting acquainted with the act on the protection of monuments and the care of monuments, which also includes a metal detector. Why get yourself into unnecessary trouble out of ignorance.

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