Visit the largest medieval castle in Europe - Malbork
2023-04-24 / Facebook

While on holiday in the Tri-City, it is worth taking care of various attractions. And although there is no shortage of them in Gdańsk itself, it is worth going to Malbork one day and visiting the largest medieval castle in Europe located there.

Malbork is located only 50 kilometers from Gdańsk. It's less than an hour away. The city is located in the area of former Pomezania, in historical Upper Prussia and is famous for its castle, which was once inhabited by the Teutonic Order. It is a great attraction for both children and adults.

The Teutonic Castle in Malbork impresses both with its massive walls and interior. Getting to know its history, rooms, corridors and chambers can put you in a real medieval mood. The drawbridge itself and the gate that leads inside are fascinating. It is visited with a guide or an audiobook available at the ticket offices. History lovers will be blessed with magic and charm. Children will gain the necessary knowledge that will be useful to them in the future, while tourists will simply be enchanted by the castle walls, the attractiveness of the place and the impressions it evokes. Many times during the tour you have the impression that in a moment some Teutonic knight will come out from around the corner.

Malbork Castle

It is worth mentioning that the castle was built in the Gothic style in the years 1274-1457, of course by the Teutonic Knights. It is one of the largest fortresses of medieval Europe and at the same time the largest fully preserved castle in the world. In 1997, it was inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage List, and in 2007 it was recognized as one of the seven wonders of Poland. The Teutonic Castle is a tourist attraction in Malbork, which should be on the list of places to visit for tourists coming to Pomerania. It is an interesting, inspiring and atmospheric experience. You can't miss it.

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