The best place for diving in the Baltic Sea
2023-04-11 / Facebook

Diving in the Baltic Sea is an extreme sport that is gaining more and more supporters. This is a unique attraction that guarantees an unforgettable experience. You can treat yourself to them during your stay in Gdynia. A place where it is worth going underwater is the torpedo house in Babie Doły.

Babie Doły is the northernmost district of Gdynia. It's beautiful here any time of the year. In the summer, a clean and well-maintained bathing beach, a beautiful beach, as well as torpedo ruins - a remnant of World War II - attract visitors. This is one of the prettiest places on the Gulf of Gdańsk, where it is worth going for a walk. It is also a great place for diving.

The aura of mystery, adrenaline, the underwater world watched only by selected people - this is all that diving has in common and attracts new volunteers. Currently, it has ceased to be a sport only for selected, super athletic and young people. Now almost anyone can try it.


Keep in mind that the waters of the Baltic Sea are cold. Therefore, before sailing, you should equip yourself with a suit that is much warmer than for a trip to warm countries. Diving in the Gulf of Gdańsk also differs from that which is offered abroad as a light holiday attraction. The depth in the vicinity of the torpedo house in Gdynia varies from 6 to 12 m. In some places it is about 3 meters. Torpedoing is a building resembling the letter U. It is surrounded by rubble and metal structures that were scrapped after the war. The building is connected by two canals separating the right and left wings from the main building. In the middle there is a landfill of rubble and concrete slabs. However, the water does its job and a reef has developed here, where you can meet gobies, eels, snakes, miniature crabs and shrimps and lumpfish. However, you have to be very careful when diving. In many places you can tear the suit or damage the equipment.

Remember that you need to be well prepared for diving. It is a sport that requires appropriate equipment, equipment and equipment, as well as work and supervision. If you are not a professional diver, it is best to do it under the guidance of professionals. In the Tri-City you will find many companies that will teach you the basics of this sport and you will be able to try diving under their watchful care.

Torpedownia Gdynia

When you are in Gdynia, it is worth going to Babie Doły. This is a special place on the map of the Tri-City. Also remember to take care of your accommodation early enough, where you will be able to rest and cool down your emotions after diving. We encourage you to take advantage of our offer of short-term rental of apartments by the sea:

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