The tallest buildings in the Tri-City
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The fascination with tall buildings has been synonymous with modernity for centuries. They become symbols that go beyond the zone of utility needs. It is a way of crossing barriers and man's ascent to the top, which is connected with the architecture of modernism. Currently, high-rise buildings are not only residential architecture, but also public utility buildings. Their construction becomes a field for architectural display and innovative searches, as well as an attraction for people.

Have you ever wondered what are the tallest buildings in the Tri-City?

One of the tallest buildings in the Tri-City is the Olivia Star office building in Gdańsk. It is 180 meters high. In addition to the office space, it offers an observation deck and restaurants, and hosts numerous events and cultural attractions. The terrace is located on the 32nd floor and it is a public space from where you can admire the unique panorama of the entire Tri-City.

Olivia Star

There is Sea Towers in Gdynia Śródmieście. 126 meters high, 38 floors. Located close to the beach and marina, the building is downright stunning. The view of the Bay of Gdańsk is breathtaking. It is a unique place on the tourist map of Poland and the most recognizable apartment building in Pomerania. Interestingly, this luxurious and extremely modern skyscraper was built in a place where the sea was 80 years ago.

Sea Towers

In the Wrzeszcz district in Gdańsk, we have a building called Neptune. The skyscraper is 85 m long and has 18 floors. Currently, it is third on the list of the tallest buildings in the Tri-City. It is a business and office center.


When talking about the tallest buildings, it is also worth considering "Zieleniak". First of all, due to the fact that this 17-storey building is now one of the symbols of the city center of Gdańsk, which is clearly visible from a distance. It was built in 1965-71 and some say it is just an ugly old office building that disfigures the city. Interestingly, it was built from top to bottom. Yes! At the beginning, two pillars were built, and the floors were only "hung" on them.


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