Lighthouses on the Baltic Sea
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Lighthouses were built in antiquity. Along with the development of sailing, they were more and more modern and improved. After all, they were supposed to make people's lives easier and they were supposed to help in a happy return home from sea voyages.

There are as many as 17 lighthouses along the Polish Baltic coast. It is worth taking a look at them, thus getting to know the waterfront from a different side than sunbathing and swimming in the sea. See what lighthouses are in the Tri-City.

Lighthouse in Sopot.

Located right next to the Sopot pier. It has quite an unusual history. It looks like a tower, but in fact it is an old chimney of a balneological center, which, being built at the beginning of the 20th century, needed a boiler room. The designers thought to construct it in such a way that it would not spoil the resort. Despite this, from the beginning, the building served as a sea beacon. All thanks to the light installed there. It gained the full status of a lighthouse in 1977. The light of the lighthouse indicates the position of Sopot to ships every 4 seconds for 0.3 seconds, and its range is currently only 7 NM.

The Lighthouse in Sopot is open to visitors all year round. From the observation deck you can admire the Bay of Gdańsk and the panorama of the Tri-City.

Lighthouse in Sopot

Nowy Port lighthouse in Gdańsk.

It is one of the most beautiful lighthouses in northern Europe. It was entered into the register of monuments and opened to the public in 2004. It ended its activity with the opening of the lighthouse in the Northern Port. It is an octagonal tower narrowing towards the top, finished with a gallery with intricately forged handrails. It was the first lighthouse on the Baltic Sea to use electric light. During the years of its splendor, it was also a port pilots' tower and housed a time ball on its top. The rise and fall of the sphere every noon allowed captains of ships in the harbor to fine-tune the ship's chronometers so that later they could pinpoint the position of the ship in the open sea.

According to the legend, the Nowy Port lighthouse in Gdańsk is a twin building of the most beautiful lighthouse in America located in Cleveland, Ohio.

Nowy Port Lighthouse in Gdansk

Port Północny lighthouse in Gdańsk.

This is the youngest lighthouse on the Polish coast. It was launched in 1984. It is located on the tower of the Port of Gdansk Authority and is not open to the public. The blue, rectangular, modern structure is not similar to a typical lighthouse. Its range of light is 25 NM (46.3 km). The height of the tower is 56 m. It is the only lighthouse in Poland that can be reached by elevator.

Port Północny Lighthouse in Gdansk

It is also worth mentioning that in the Gdańsk Wisłoujście Fortress, the cylindrical tower also partly served as a lighthouse.

Other lighthouses are located in: Świnoujście, Kikut near Wisełka, Niechorze, Kołobrzeg, Gąski, Darłowo, Jarosławiec, Ustka, Czołpino, Stilo, Rozewie, Jastarnia, Hel and Krynica Morska.

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