Museums in Gdynia that are worth visiting
2022-05-10 / Facebook

Gdynia, a port city, modern and attracting crowds of tourists. Are there any attractive museums there? See where it is worth going and what they offer.

Emigration Museum


It is located in the remarkable building of the Maritime Railway Station which has served for many years to handle the emigration movement. Importantly, it is the only place in Poland that shows the history of emigration from Polish lands. When visiting the exhibition with children, you can solve tasks from a specially prepared free brochure received at the entrance. For older kids, a game has been prepared: "Frycek Munchausenowicz connects stories", which shows the history of emigration with the help of exciting puzzles. The solution guarantees a reward.

The Naval Museum


Nowhere in Poland is there such a valuable and large collection of naval armaments and naval equipment as in this Gdynia museum. The permanent exhibition tells about the 100 years of the Polish Navy in an extremely interesting way, using modern multimedia solutions. Many monuments of the 20th century ship artillery were dismantled from the ships and placed in a place of honor. They include, among others WWII anti-aircraft cannon that was once part of the equipment of ORP "Błyskawica". In the museum, we will also move to the world of old sailing ships. There is also an open space outside the building for visitors.

Gdynia City Museum


Tens of thousands of objects gathered in the museum are a source of knowledge about the past and present life of the city and its inhabitants. It collects and stores monuments in the field of documenting and popularizing historical knowledge about Gdynia, from the earliest times to the present day. The exhibitions show, among others, the beginnings of the port, archival photos, models of ships, cabin equipment, reconstructions of shops and bathing areas. It is organized in a modern way and you can feel the authentic atmosphere of the port city of Gdynia.

Dar Pomorza


It's a museum ship. It moors at the quay at Kościuszko Square. The tour starts with going down the stairs to the interdeck, where there are boards with the history of Dar Pomorza. The ceremonial flag is displayed in the display case. The remains are tables and benches, metal "wardrobes" for clothes and personal belongings, and sleeping berths. Then you go through the engine room and sails warehouse, steering positions, radio and navigation cabin. On board, we can see 42 meters masts, a bow with bowsprit, an anchor lift and a "Victory Bell". This is a great attraction for both children and teenagers.

ORP Błyskawica


Moored at the Kościuszko Square in Gdynia, ORP Błyskawica is the most famous Polish warship. It is also the history of the Polish Navy in a nutshell. A great place to learn about history. Important information is conveyed in the surroundings of extremely effective machinery that makes a great impression, especially on children. We will see a lot of things on board, including: a characteristic twin anti-aircraft gun, a real torpedo, sea mines and depth charge dumps. There are various anchoring devices in the bow. Below deck is a gym, radio, and living quarters.

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