Accommodation for Sopot Jazz Festival 2022
2022-08-22 / Facebook

The greatest autumn music event in Pomerania is coming! Sopot Jazz Festival starts on October 7 in Sopot. It will take three days! It is an international festival, perfect for connoisseurs of good jazz!

As the organizers emphasize, Sopot Jazz Festival is full of original, improvised music with the participation of intriguing artists from all over the world. On stage, we will see recognized artists of the middle and young generation from Poland and abroad.

On the first day there will be performances, among others Michał Barański, who will present his original project "Masovian Mantra", combining elements of Polish and Indian folklore. Then: Shai Maestro, one of the most promising and talented jazz pianists performing songs from the album "Human". The next day will belong to Artur Dutkiewicz, known as the "Polish jazz ambassador". At the special invitation of the organizers, the artist will present a unique music project "Tribute To Tomasz Szukalski", on the 10th anniversary of his death, Tomasz Szukalski, one of the most outstanding Polish jazz saxophonists. Later, saxophonist Adam Pierończyk and Anthony Joseph will present "Migratory Poets". It is an amazing music project in which the fascination with the combination of words and improvised music is expressed. The last day is expressive, colorful music performed by Aga Derlak. The artist presents in her work an unbridled expression that directs her music to new paths, through the history of her life, inspired by jazz, Latin American folklore and classical music. At the end of the rarity. Mathias Eick - the most recognizable contemporary jazz musician from Norway will perform. He will present material from the latest album "When We Leave".

There is a lot to choose from. Three days, six concerts, two Sopot stages, all in the atmosphere of the autumn seaside resort of Sopot. You definitely shouldn't miss this event!

We recommend to festival participants our seaside apartments. Sopot is a small city and all venues are located close to the festival events, perfect for getting around on foot. Fully equipped and furnished. Whether you are coming alone, with family or friends, you will have the freedom and comfort of your stay. Experience real music and Sopot. A self-contained apartment gives you the unique opportunity to enjoy the city providing you with a comfortable home ... away from home. At Sopot Jazz Festival, choose an apartment, not just a place to sleep. See our offer and book!

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