5 most interesting museums in Gdańsk
2022-06-27 / Facebook

Gdańsk is a city where you will definitely not be bored, and you can have every day filled to the brim with various attractions. In your vacation plans, you probably don't think about wandering around museums. Especially being at the seaside. Here, however, we bring you out of error. We recommend those places that should become "must have" and may surprise you pleasantly.

Museum of the Second World War

Everyone visiting the Polish coast should decide to visit this place and see the exhibitions related to this event. Using the latest technology, it is one of the most modern museums in Europe and has one of the largest exhibitions in the world devoted to WWII themes. The main exhibition is located underground and covers as much as 5,000 m2. The museum also has a scientific, educational and cultural function. You should reserve a few hours for your visit!

Museum IIWW

The Amber Museum

The place shows one of the largest amber collections in the world. It is located in the 14th-century Great Mill in Gdańsk, once the largest in medieval Europe. It has a unique collection of amber, as well as an exhibition that allows you to learn more about their extraction, processing and properties. Among the exhibits you can see the world's largest lump of amber, inclusions of lizards, gecko and tarantula spiders, or copies of elements of the reconstruction of the Amber Room.

Amber Museum

Centrum Hevelianum

Hevelianum is a place where you can meet science and history. It is located in the very center of the city, on Góra Gradowa, in the area of ​​defensive fortifications from the 19th century. It is an ideal space for pleasant leisure, walks among historic architecture and relaxation surrounded by greenery. The exhibitions present issues in the field of exact sciences, history, geography, ecology and biology. Hevelianum is an interesting attraction for a family getaway. Both children and adults will have a great time here.

Hevelianum Center

European Solidarity Center

This modern museum attracts not only with its exhibition, but also with the external appearance of the building in which it is located. It is one of the most modern museums in Poland. The permanent exhibition is devoted to the history of Solidarity and the changes that took place under its influence in Central and Eastern Europe. The exhibition is narrative. Visitors immerse themselves in the history told through archival items, documents, manuscripts, photos and video projections, or interactive installations. An average of 2 hours is spent here. The museum also has a Play Department for children, where you can leave your little ones to see the exhibition alone, in peace.

Solidarity Center

The National Museum in Gdańsk

This is one of the oldest Polish museums. It is here that you can see the famous painting "The Last Judgment" by Hans Memling. And it's worth it! The exhibition has a rich collection of old and modern paintings, sculptures, goldsmiths and ceramics. collects a rich collection of metal relics, exhibits related to sacred art, handicrafts, as well as furniture made of noble materials, which once decorated the rooms of noble births.

National Museum

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