The most popular sea ports in Poland
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One of the attractions for people visiting Pomerania are the ports. Among tourists there are lovers who, apart from sunbathing and swimming in the sea, like to admire fishing boats, yachts, passenger ships and get to know life in a port city. We mention the 5 most popular of them.

1. The port of Gdynia.

It is the third largest seaport in Poland. It is a commercial port specializing in general cargo handling. Its importance is largely determined by its excellent geographic location. The largest global and European shipping operators use modern infrastructure and terminals. It was established in 1923. It was supposed to be a small harbor, a place for small warships and for fishermen. However, it grew to such an extent that it quickly became a competition for other ports in the country. This is where all German battleships during World War II stopped. During this time, however, he suffered unimaginable losses. Despite this, he rose very quickly. The development strategy assumes its further development as a universal port, capable of receiving the largest container, mass and passenger ships calling on the Baltic Sea.

Port of Gdynia

2. Seaport in Gdańsk.

It is located on the Martwa Wisła River on the Gdańsk Bay and is the largest Baltic port. The port area covers 3,248 ha of land, and the total length of the quays is 23,700 m. The port breaks transhipment records every year. An interesting fact is that the first port - the so-called castle port - was built in the 10th century. Therefore, the entire history of the seaport in Gdańsk is long, colorful and turbulent. Already in the Middle Ages, it was an extremely important trade center within the Baltic Sea. It was destroyed during World War II and it was only in the 1970s that it flourished again. Its importance grew again. Since then, it has grown from year to year. It is one of the four seaports of fundamental importance for the national economy of Poland, and in 2020 it was promoted to the top twenty European ports, even surpassing the ports of Genoa and Dunkirk.

Port in Gdańsk

3. The port in Kołobrzeg.

It is a commercial and fishing port with a yacht marina and a passenger function. It is situated on both banks of the Parsęta River. It has always played an important regional role. Now it is also one of the most loved ports by tourists. It is primarily about the so-called passenger section. It is sheltered by two huge breakwaters, one of which is walkable. An additional attraction is the lighthouse, the Minerals Museum and the City of Mice - an unusual interactive exhibition where you can see over 500 live mice in a fairy-tale scenery. The commercial port consists of four quays: Węglowe, Zbożowe, Koszalińskie and Słupskie. Their total length is 668 m. On its premises there are warehouses, halls, storage yards, a railway siding, as well as appropriate devices for reloading, such as cranes, loaders, stackers, tractors, as well as two historic grain elevators. The fishing and yacht port continues.

Port in Kołobrzeg

4. The fishing port in Hel.

It is a civil sea port on the Baltic Sea, in the southern part of the Hel Peninsula. It was built in the 21st century by the Prussian government. Originally, the harbor of cutters and fishing boats was protected by a wooden breakwater. It was not until the 1920s that the building was rebuilt. There are fishing companies, buildings and halls necessary for the functioning of the fish processing industry on its territory. Cutters, fishing boats, hydrofoils and cruise ships are moored there. There is also a marina. At the entrance to the port there is a votive cross with the inscription: "This cross is the hope of those brothers who went out to sea and did not come back, and those who go out, that they may return happily".

Port of Hel

5. Seaport in Świnoujście.

It is a Polish seaport located on the Pomeranian Bay, on the southern coast of the Baltic Sea, on the islands of Uznam and Wolin. Together with the Port of Szczecin, it forms one of the largest port complex in the Baltic Sea. The port of Świnoujście includes a yacht marina (it operates all year round with the possibility of wintering yachts), a passenger terminal and a trans-shipment wharf. The entrance is secured by two breakwaters. The Świnoujście port is the largest ferry terminal in Poland in terms of ferry calls and the volume of passenger and cargo traffic. It is adapted to the ro-ro reloading of railway carriages, semi-trailers and lorries, as well as for handling passenger traffic to Sweden.

Port of Świnoujście

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