Tricity piers
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Everyone who has been to the Tri-City, at least once went for a walk along the Sopot pier. It is of course the most famous and the longest wooden pier in Europe. However, have you ever wondered that this is not the only pier in Tricity? Get to know all the pier in the Tricity and go sightseeing!

Pier in Brzeźno (Gdańsk). It is the youngest (commissioned in 1996) and the shortest (148 meters) pier in the Tri-City. However, before it was built, in 1900, there was another pier nearby, unfortunately destroyed during the war. A beautiful promenade leads to the pier in Brzeźno, which is an extension of Aleja Jana Pawła II in Gdańsk and is one of the most popular places visited by residents and tourists.

Molo Gdańsk Brzeźno

The pier in Orłowo (Gdynia). Currently, it is 180 meters long, of which 173 meters are above the water. It was built during the First World War as a small pier for ships. During its history, it was expanded and reduced, it competed with the pier in Sopot.

Currently, it is one of the most visited facilities in the city. Admission is free and the property is open all year round. While on the pier, you can admire Klif Orłowski, a view of the Bay of Gdańsk. It is a famous place, visited in large numbers by tourists, lovers, photographers, wedding couples and lovers of beautiful views.

Molo Gdynia Orłowo

The pier in Sopot. The most famous and widespread pier in Poland and Europe. It is 512 meters long, of which 448 meters are above the water. Its origins date back to 1827, when a small pier, measuring 31.5 meters, was built by Jerzy Haffner. It has been expanded over the years. It was given its present shape in the years 1927-1928 (of course, it was later renovated, modernized and strengthened). In 2011, the construction of a marina for over 100 yachts was completed. In high season, admission to the Sopot pier is payable.

Molo Sopot

All the Tri-City piers are picturesque, they offer beautiful views of the Bay of Gdańsk and the mainland. It is worth visiting them during the day and at night, because they create a unique atmosphere.

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