Where to kayak? Interesting ideas for kayaking
2023-04-13 / Facebook

Are you a kayaking fan? Discover the places in the Tri-City and the surrounding area where you can kayak during your holiday or free weekend. Remember, it's not only an active holiday, it's also a great way to spend time.

Tour on the Motława River

Canoeing around Gdańsk? Why not! You don't have to discover the city just by walking around its streets and nooks and crannies. You have the opportunity to see Gdańsk from the water's perspective. See the highlights. Waiting for you: Crane, footbridge to Ołowianka, Granaries, picturesque Radunia canal, Gdańsk Shipyard, Baltic Philharmonic. On the route, you will see places that are inaccessible by land, and even places that cannot be reached by cruise ship. You will reach Granary Island and Ołowianka Island. In this way, you can explore the city on your own or with a guide.

Motlawa canoes

Raduna Rafting

This is one of the very picturesque kayaking routes in Kashubia. The trip starts in Ostrzyce at the mouth of the Radunia River from Lake Ostrzyckie. You can also rent a kayak there. It ends in Kiełpino. It will be perfect for every canoeist who loves nature and silence. The route is quite easy and pleasant. In the background there are views of high hills covered with forests or covered with fields, and swimming under several footbridges and a bridge that are on the route provides many emotions.

Radunia kayaks

Swimming on the lakes of the Kashubian Landscape Park

The Kashubian Landscape Park is famous for its beautiful lakes, of which there are as many as 34. Therefore, there is a lot to choose from, and such a kayaking trip will work for everyone. For both beginners and advanced kayakers. It is also a great attraction for families with children. We have several places to choose from. They include e.g. Wierzyca and Wierzysko Lake, although it is recommended for the more experienced. In turn, the route Lipusz - Wdzydze Kiszewskie combines beautiful landscapes with a not too high level of difficulty. Noteworthy is also the trail called Kółko Raduńskie. It is one of the most beautiful in Poland. It runs through Kashubian lakes connected with each other in the form of a loop that can be sailed, starting from a place of your choice.

Kayaks of Kaszuby

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