Where to go windsurfing in Poland? Discover the potential of Tricity!
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On the Baltic Sea, where the waves gently caress the golden sands of the beaches and the wind is a constant companion every day, there is a place that attracts windsurfing enthusiasts from all over the country. Tricity, with its diverse coastline and rich cultural offer, is an ideal place to develop your passion for this dynamic water sport.

Wind in the sails, salt on the skin, and before your eyes the panorama of Gdynia, Gdańsk and Sopot - this is an image that attracts windsurfing enthusiasts looking for ideal conditions and unforgettable views. In the Tricity, each season has its own charm, but it is summer, when the sun pleasantly warms the water surface, that attracts the greatest number of water sports enthusiasts.

The Tricity offers a variety of locations, each of which has something unique to offer. Wide beaches and open spaces are a paradise for those who are just starting their adventure with windsurfing. In turn, experienced surfers will find places where they can improve their skills in more demanding conditions.

It is not only the natural charms that make this place unique. Tricity is also a place where modernity intertwines with history. Between sessions on the water, windsurfers can explore monuments, museums, visit theaters and the opera, and enjoy local cuisine in numerous restaurants and cafes.

Windsurfing Baltic

Wind, water and luxury – BillBerry Apartments

For those who want to combine their passion for windsurfing with luxurious relaxation, BillBerry Apartments offers exclusive apartments for short-term rental. Located in strategic locations in Gdynia, Gdańsk and Sopot, these apartments are an ideal base for those who value comfort and convenience. Each apartment is spacious, modernly equipped and designed to meet the expectations of even the most demanding guests. Many of them offer a picturesque view of the sea, and access to the best windsurfing spots is an invaluable advantage.

With BillBerry Apartments, every moment spent in Tricity becomes unique. Regardless of whether you plan to spend a few days or entire weeks here, the company guarantees standards that will make each stay unforgettable.

Discover the sea of possibilities

Tricity is a space where every windsurfer, regardless of their experience, will find something for themselves. Not only ideal conditions for practicing water sports, but also a rich cultural and entertainment offer make this region a unique place on the map of Poland. It is here, where the sea meets the land and history intertwines with modernity, that every lover of wind and water can discover their ideal place - both at sea and on land.

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