Apartment rental management

Take back your time for yourself!

Bet on safety and higher profit!

Renting an apartment management is a time-consuming task. Contrary to appearances, it is an occupation that also requires knowledge and experience.

The law is often on the side of the landlord and ignorance of it can lead to unnecessary complications, and earning money on investment in real estate should be a form of passive income.

This is what we want to offer you - that you treat your property as an attractive investment that brings a large profit without involving your money and time.

Our team of experts will relieve you of all your duties. Over the years of activity on the real estate market, we have gained experience that will allow us to efficiently and safely manage your apartment.

Benefits for you

What's in it for me? This is the first question that comes to mind. That's good - renting a flat should bring specific benefits for the owner. Then let us express in a few sentences what you will gain and what you will not have to do when you decide to cooperate with us.

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We will take care of contracts that are safe for you, in accordance with applicable law.

It's high time you regain your time ... and use it the way you like, not the way you have to.

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Lower costs mean more profit - time and travel cost money, especially if you are not on your way.

You know that someone keeps an eye on your property and makes sure everything is in order.

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We will make sure that your apartment has a tenant at all times. After all, it's in our best interest.

We will accurately estimate the right rental price and find the perfect balance between profit and occupancy.

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We will make sure that your apartment is presented in an attractive way and attracts interested people.

We will get to know the landlords personally and check who they are. We will make sure that you can trust them.

Cooperation process

Good cooperation is half the battle.

Below you will find information on what to expect from us.

We operate transparently and according to a proven plan, and you always know what you are paying for. That is why we have grouped our activities into clear lists, which we have divided into several stages, which will include our cooperation.

If you expect something from us that we have not mentioned, we are ready to talk about it - thanks to the fact that we operate in an organized manner, we can undertake the implementation of unusual ideas.

The action plan developed by us is based on our experience and allows us to achieve satisfactory results on the Tri-City real estate market, providing our clients with maximum comfort and safety.


  • We will prepare a detailed apartment transfer protocol.
  • At your request, our interior design specialists will prepare a proposal for a new arrangement for you.
  • We will develop an individual rental strategy.


  • We will prepare and publish a rental offer.
  • We will conduct an intensive promotional campaign.
  • We will present the apartment to those interested in the offer.
  • We will verify potential tenants.
  • We will prepare and sign a secure lease agreement.
  • We will prepare a protocol for handing over the apartment to tenants.


  • We will keep in touch with the tenants.
  • In case of problems, we will take care of the technical maintenance of the apartment.
  • We monitor payments.
  • We will conduct regular inspection visits to the apartment.


  • We will start promoting the offer again as soon as we receive information about the end of the rental agreement.
  • We will take care of the correct termination of the lease.
  • We will draw up a detailed protocol of picking up the apartment.
  • We will settle the deposit with the current tenants.
  • We will prepare an apartment for the next tenants.