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Luxurious apartments - Sopot full of attractions.

Sopot is also called Monte Carlo of the North. And rightly so, because a visit to this seaside resort is always exciting and an unforgettable adventure.

The resort is located right on the Gdańsk Bay, which gives access to the sea at your fingertips. We have almost 5 kilometers of beach at our disposal, so we always find a place for ourselves.

What's more, the beachfront gastronomy and beach bars are tastefully decorated and fit beautifully into the seaside landscape, so you can have a nice time drinking cool drinks in the summer or warming infusions in the winter.

The longest wooden pier in Europe is one of the greatest attractions of the whole region. The walk will provide many amazing views. With stronger winds, the crashing waves will be a bit scary, and in better weather, the bay will surprise you with its calmness. At the end of the pier, we can admire the marina and luxury yachts flowing into it. In addition, a walk into the sea has health benefits, as the concentration of iodine increases as you move away from the land and at the end of the pier is twice as high as on the beach. The view from the sea to the Sopot horizon is simply insane. The Sopot Grand Hotel and the boulevard at Skwer Kuracyjny look the best from there.

For those thirsty for art and culture, the city offers numerous galleries and exhibitions, as well as walks along picturesque streets, where you can admire historic villas, meet people who eagerly recall the past and charm with beautiful stories about the city and its inhabitants.

Numerous clubs will provide entertainment in the evening. located along the most recognizable street in the city - Monte Cassino. It is said that Sopot is awake. The fun lasts until dawn, and when you come back home, it is worth taking a walk along the seashore and seeing how a new day awakens.

Sopot is a city full of charm. For some it is associated with luxury and comfort, for others it is relaxation and rest. It is worth getting to know it when deciding to stay in one of our prestigious BillBerry apartments.

Modern BillBerry apartments mean convenience and comfort. They are located in convenient locations - in the city center, a few steps from the beach. Fully equipped, modern and elegant. Our guests have at their disposal: a living room with a kitchenette, a bathroom with a shower, cosmetics and a hairdryer, a flat-screen TV, WI-FI, and many other amenities.

Give yourself a pleasant holiday full of the seaside sun and a pleasant Baltic breeze. Regardless of whether you are on vacation or for business purposes, we guarantee you a pleasant stay and a great atmosphere.

We have tailored the apartments especially for you! Additionally, we ensure 24/7 contact with our staff who speak both Polish and English.

We make every effort to ensure that our guests are satisfied with their stay and experience the highest comfort. Let yourself be enchanted by the magic of Sopot! BillBerry Apartments are waiting for you!