How to rent an apartment for 24 hours successfully?
2024-01-23 / Facebook

Renting an apartment for 24 hours, or short-term rental, has become a popular solution for travelers as well as for property owners looking for an additional source of income. If you are considering renting an apartment and generating a profit, here are some key steps that will help you achieve success in renting an apartment on a daily basis.

Rent on your own or use a professional company?

You can organize the daily apartment rental yourself or outsource all the duties to a professional company. Of course, you will pay a commission for the service of your apartment (part of the rental income), but at the same time you will get rid of stress and save many hours. All tasks related to the rental (and there are many of them) will be taken over by the management company.

Thorough preparation of the apartment and equipment

Taking care of the first impression is a key issue in daily rentals. Thoroughly clean the apartment, ensuring it is fully equipped, from fresh towels to basic household items. An aesthetic and functional interior will increase the chances of positive reviews. In the apartment, you must provide a TV set, Internet access, a kitchen with household appliances, plates, glasses, cutlery, pots, a washing machine, a dryer, a vacuum cleaner in the bathroom, a bed in the bedroom, at least 140 cm wide, table or bar for dining.

Creating an attractive offer

The short-term rental market is competitive, so it's important to differentiate your offer. Add high-quality photos describing every corner of the apartment. Highlight unique features, such as proximity to tourist attractions or accessibility to public transport.

Booking platforms and online marketing

To achieve success in daily rental, it is necessary to use booking platforms such as Airbnb or There is a fee for using booking platforms. Additionally, engage in online marketing through social media and local travel groups. Building a brand will increase the visibility of your offer.

Fast and effective communication

Quick response to inquiries and communication with guests is the key to success. Respond to questions and requests as quickly as possible to build positive relationships with guests. Customer satisfaction often depends on the quality of service. Remember to be ready for full availability for guests when renting for a short term.

Take care of cleanliness, order and quality of equipment

Every new guest in your apartment must find it in perfect condition. Make sure your bathroom and kitchen are clean and thoroughly cleaned. Please remember that you need to replace the bed linen and towels. Check the completeness of the equipment in the kitchen so that each guest has full comfort during their stay. Check the light bulbs, the condition of the floor, the cleanliness of the sofa and chairs, and the efficiency of the equipment.

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Regular updating and evaluation of the strategy

The daily rental market is dynamic, so evaluate and update your strategy regularly. Monitor reviews, learn from previous guests' experiences and adapt your approach based on their feedback.

Renting an apartment on a daily basis is a great way to generate additional income. However, it must be remembered that this form of renting an apartment requires full commitment, availability and marketing knowledge. Only then is there a chance for high income. For this reason, a popular option when renting apartments on a daily basis is an agreement with a rental management company that takes over all related responsibilities. Find out what a rental management company does.