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BillBerry Apartments offers you its services in the field of managing flats and apartments for rent. Are you the owner of a property in the Tri-City? Do you have a flat, apartment, house or commercial space for rent? Check out our offer of apartment rental management and see why it is worth leaving your property under our care.

Our offer is addressed to all people who, for various reasons, are not able to personally manage their property for rent. Billberry Apartments is one of the largest companies in Pomerania when it comes to managing apartments for rent. Our comprehensive and professional service in the management and care of apartments is directed to all owners who treat their premises as a valuable bank deposit and a future-oriented investment. Our special attention to detail and the safety of our clients characterize us as a reliable company worth your trust. We have an experienced team and a base of contractors in the field of technical service. By using our services, you can count on:

  • The apartment is in perfect technical condition.
  • Systematic control of tenants and the rented premises during the term of the lease agreement.
  • Monitoring the technical condition of the flat, i.e. checking and removing failures and defects.
  • Professional representation of the landlord in front of tenants.

We focus on honesty and trust. When you decide to cooperate with our company, you will receive clear information about the price of our services. In addition, you can count on passive income. Thanks to us, you will be able to take care of your own affairs without worrying about the condition of your property.

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We have extensive experience in managing rentals and apartments

We manage a large number of apartments throughout Pomerania, and our offers are open to the whole of Europe. This makes us the first choice of investors who are looking for a suitable company in Pomerania dealing with finding the right tutors to manage their rental. Another advantage of our company is many years of experience, a developed high standard of services and an integrated system that will allow you to give all your real estate or apartments in good hands so that they are managed by one company.

Our rental management and apartment care services are all the tasks that a loving owner should perform. Together with you, we will establish a list of necessary changes and additional works that will help in the proper preparation of your premises for rent. We are well aware that a well-presented apartment will enjoy greater interest from potential tenants. We invite all owners of Tricity premises, flats and apartments to cooperate, regardless of the size or location.

As we mentioned before, security is our key element in apartment management. We spend time with great meticulousness verifying each tenant. Based on important documents, we conclude appropriate rental agreements. We are flexible when it comes to the needs of our clients. Therefore, we approach each person individually, their expectations and requirements.

If you are looking for a professional company that will take care of your apartment and at the same time provide a high standard of services, contact our office, where we will arrange the details. Thanks to us, you will gain free time, and we will make sure that a decent amount of money is deposited on your account every month.

In addition to managing the rental of apartments, we also offer apartment management. Thanks to cooperation with our company, you will gain:

  • A modern, large-scale marketing campaign. We will prepare a description of your apartment and publish it on the best websites. Thanks to the active promotion of apartments for rent, we reach the largest group of customers in Poland and abroad.
  • Taking care of your apartment 365 days a year. We even work for you during holidays. We will take care of the guests' comfort, cleanliness and technical condition of the apartment, maintaining the highest international hotel standard.
  • We will prepare a welcome package for guests using your apartment. We will make sure that their stay is spent in a pleasant family atmosphere and luxurious conditions, so that they will gladly return in the future.
  • A professional photo session that will show your apartment as a luxurious place worth spending time in. We will emphasize its advantages so that it can be rented quickly. Our friendly and professional staff will make sure that customers are happy to come back to it.

Control your apartment management from home and save time for other pleasures.

At the end of each month, you will receive a detailed invoice for all reservations, including the number of rental days, costs and income.

Managing a rented flat or apartment is a time-consuming process and requires a lot of experience. Our specialists will take care of all formalities related to the rental of your property and will take care of your daily duties.

Thanks to the support of our team, you will avoid mistakes that the landlord may make and increase the profit on your investment. We will develop an optimal plan for short and long-term rental, taking into account the location of the property, so as to maximize its annual income.

We attach great importance to the careful selection of long-term guests and tenants, thanks to which we are sure that the flats and apartments entrusted to us are not exposed to any damage related to their use.

Remuneration for BillBerry Apartments is charged only for the period in which the property is rented. Its amount depends on the potential of a given location and is determined individually for each client. Contact our representative for details.

Our employees will answer all your questions and, if necessary, are at your disposal.

Trust us and leave your apartment under our care, we will take care of the rest! Enjoy your free time and watch your profits grow steadily.


  1. How are our services different from those offered by classic real estate agencies?
     BillBerry Apartments is a company whose task is to manage apartments and flats for rent. We try to do everything so that the owner of the property located in Gdańsk and its vicinity does not have to waste time dealing with duties that are usually related to renting premises. The task of real estate agencies is only to find a tenant - all other obligations fall on the owner of the property.
  2. For whom does BillBerry Apartments provide its services?
    We work with both clients who own one apartment and those who have dozens of properties. We approach each one individually, because only such action is a guarantee that both parties will be satisfied with our rental management services.
  3. How does BillBerry Apartments manage the apartments during the rental period? Managing apartments for rent is a complicated process that lasts throughout the entire period of cooperation with the client. After finding a tenant, we monitor payments on an ongoing basis, as well as carry out systematic periodic inspections of the premises and make all necessary repairs, involving specialists. We are also responsible for all complaints that affect the household members, we accept reports from them and deal with all formalities related to the extension of the contract or the search for new tenants.
  4. How to correctly assess the potential of an apartment?
    The potential of a given premises is influenced by many factors, such as location, size, condition, standard or layout of the rooms. Management of flats and luxury apartments is our specialty, which is why we are able to quickly estimate the optimal rental price, which will reduce the vacancy time to a minimum and allow you to effectively increase the owner's income.
  5. How do we minimize the vacancy period?
    Managing apartments for rent is something that we have been dealing with for many years, so we know perfectly well that every client expects almost immediate results from us. During the vacancy period, we try to reach potential tenants with the offer in the most effective way. We respond to inquiries on an ongoing basis and make every effort to present the premises in the best light. On the other hand, we present property owners with detailed information on the actions we have taken to find a tenant.