3 The most visited places by the sea
2022-06-07 / Facebook
1. Tricity

Gdańsk old town

Gdańsk, Gdynia and Sopot have always been popular and it is not surprising that they are the most frequently visited places on the coast by tourists. Nobody will be bored here. What's more, there is something for everyone. Cities offer many attractions for those who like active recreation in the bosom of nature. They are proud of the wealth of parks and greenery, have beautifully situated kilometers of bicycle paths and walking routes. For those who are passionate about history and visiting monuments, there will not be enough time to see everything in one stay. And beach lovers have several bathing areas and beautiful beaches at their disposal. They are clean and have amenities such as a toilet or changing room. Many of them tempt with additional attractions. We will find, among others saunas on the beach, slides, playgrounds and trampolines for children.

2. Łeba

Gdańsk old town

Łeba is one of the largest and most popular holiday resorts on the Polish coast. It is a typical holiday and tourist town. It has a seaport and bathing areas. It is located on the Słowiński Coast. It owes its popularity to, among other things, its wonderful natural and microclimatic values. There you can spend time actively, such as cycling, sailing, and walking with free guided hikes. The vicinity of Łeba is famous for its magnificent moving dunes, which are an attraction on a European scale. The beaches have soft and clean sand, they are wide and beautiful. There is a promenade in the town, and something for families with children - Funlandia, an inflatable amusement park.

3. Władysławowo

Gdańsk old town

It is undoubtedly one of the most frequently chosen places by the Polish seaside. This Baltic resort located at the foot of the Hel Peninsula, attracts many tourists. Władysławowo is teeming with life, offering visitors many attractions. It is famous for its beautiful, clean and wide beaches, from which you can see Cape Rozewie and the outline of the port. You can find amber on some of them. It also has the Avenue of the Sports Stars, which is the famous promenade with stars commemorating the legends of sport. For children, it offers Lunapark Sowiński, Ocean Park with carousels and mock-ups of sea animals, the "Salty Meadows" nature reserve, a butterfly house, where you can see the colorful world of living butterflies. The city is full of souvenir shops, dance clubs and eateries with waffles, ice cream, beer or good fried fish.

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