The best beaches in the Tri-City
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The sea has always played a key role in the life of the Tri-City. Gdańsk, Gdynia and Sopot are cities that are definitely worth visiting, they have a lot to offer not only for lovers of relaxation, but also for those who like to wander and get to know each place more thoroughly. However, the core of almost every holiday trip lies in the charms of the beaches that these seaside towns are proud of. Therefore, without unnecessary preliminaries and formalities, we present to you our subjective ranking of the best Tricity beaches.


We start our overview from the north side. The city beach in Gdynia is the apple of her eye. We will definitely not be bored here. The bathing area is 200 meters long and is guarded. There are volleyball and beach tennis courts here. There is also a large and safe playground for children. The changing rooms are very comfortable and the toilets are neat (but payable). The beach is not the widest, but in fact it can be a plus, because thanks to this we have easy access from every place to the eateries located along the boulevard. Most of them accept card payments, and if necessary, we can easily find a nearby ATM. Meal prices are mid to high end. What is noteworthy, the Gdynia bathing area is friendly to people with reduced mobility. Undoubtedly, its advantage is also a great location, basically in the city center, thanks to which we can easily get to it by any means of transport. Those who prefer a less active holiday will not complain about boredom - the Gdynia marina and the port basin with beautiful sailing ships moored directly from the beach. You can spend a very nice time admiring these beautiful boats and watching the bustling sailors. What may be problematic for some is the crowds and noise here - it cannot be denied that this beach is teeming with life and will not be the first choice for people who value peace and isolation.



A bit further south we will find something for lovers of calmer rest - the beach in Orłowo. It is a real enclave for lovers of peace. Even at the peak of the summer season, it is hard to say that it is crowded and you can usually find a place to spread out a towel without any problems. In the immediate vicinity of the bathing beach there is the spectacular Orłowski Klif, which towers over the waters of the Baltic Sea and is a very grateful object for photography enthusiasts. If we combine it with the picturesque pier vis-vis, we have a very pleasant place that is definitely worth visiting. The beach itself is quite narrow, and the price for greater privacy is its poor infrastructure. You won't find spacious toilets, changing rooms or showers here. There is also no ATM. The situation is slightly better at its southern end, at the junction of the entrance to the pier and the promenade. There is a playground, toilets, bicycle stands, mobile eateries, and several restaurants nearby. Unfortunately, the beach is a big challenge for people with disabilities and larger families with young children. Prices in eateries are slightly lower than in neighboring Sopot or Gdańsk. The best way to get to the beach is by bike or car - there is free parking nearby.



It doesn't matter what day of the week it is. In the summer season, Sopot will certainly not be short of people willing to sunbathe, as long as the weather is fine. And it must be admitted that this resort is prepared for it. There is everything here - white sands, volleyball courts, playgrounds, sun lounger rentals, changing rooms, toilets and a whole lot of other attractions. The pier is, of course, the focal point around which everything revolves around this city. On both sides of it, there are wide beaches that are filled with tourists from all over the world in summer. The local architecture makes a unique impression. The aforementioned pier, Skwer Kuracjuszy, Dom Zdrojowy, Grand Hotel, or newer gems, such as Sheraton. If we get bored of idle lying in the sand, then within a short walk we have the famous "Monciak", or Monte Cassino Street - the central point of Sopot nightlife, which has as much to offer during the day. The beach in Sopot is friendly to the disabled. It can be easily reached by bike, and if we rent one of the nearby apartments, we have all these attractions within a short walk. Motorists were also remembered - there is a free car park near Ergo Arena, which can accommodate 700 cars, and a melex will take us to the center of the resort.



These two Gdańsk bathing areas together form over 2 kilometers of the beach, which is eagerly used by both tourists and Gdańsk residents. Both are easily accessible by bike or public transport. We advise you to leave your car at home, because although there are a lot of parking spaces, they fill up quickly and are not free. There is usually a lot of crowd near the pier in Brzeźno, it is here that most attractions, such as volleyball courts, slides and merry-go-rounds, are located. The numerous restaurants and bars nearby are bursting at the seams. On the Jelitkowo side, we can find a wide range of souvenirs and beach accessories. The gastronomic offer is a bit poorer here, but the prices are similar to those two kilometers away. Both beaches are disabled-friendly - from the side of Brzeźno there is even a special amphibian for swimming in the sea. For those who get tired of roasting in the hot sun, we recommend a stroll to the nearby Reagan Park and cooling off in the shade of the trees. When it comes to infrastructure, you can't complain - there are lockers for small things, showers, and well-kept toilets. There is even a communal gym on the beach. On the downside, you should definitely note the crowd and noise level (although - who likes it) and kitschy souvenirs attacking us from all sides, which create a somewhat bazaar atmosphere near the beach entrances.



The beach in Gdańsk Stogi is an ideal place for tourists living in the vicinity of the Old Town. The swimming pool is adjacent to the area of ​​the Port of Gdansk and last year was the subject of a fierce battle between the residents and the port authorities, who wanted to expand their facility at the expense of the beach. Fortunately, this place was defended as it is today. Almost everyone who visits the beaches of Stogi says the same thing: the area is vast, the water is clean and the area is quiet and green. The infrastructure is impeccable - we have numerous fitting rooms, litter bins and showers, sunbed and screen rentals, and in the immediate vicinity of the beach entrance, we will eat our fill without reducing your holiday budget too much. There is a large playground for children. The best way to get to the beach is by bike (about 25 minutes from the city center) or by tram. There is free parking, but it fills up early in the morning. The beach is disabled friendly. In fact, it is difficult to find any disadvantages in this bathing area. What may disturb some is the atmosphere of the festival, which is emphasized by the music coming from the loudspeakers, but in our opinion it is of marginal importance.


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