Christmas by the sea
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Christmas is inseparably associated with home and family, with the difficulty of organizing and dealing with many things before. Have you ever thought about spending it differently? Pack a suitcase and go, for example, to the seaside?

Winter by the sea is one of the most beautiful views. A wonderful sea climate, a harsh but beautiful landscape, closeness to nature. Such scenery of the Baltic Sea is captivating views. Enjoy your holiday with additional Christmas attractions.

Home, standing in front of the kitchen for many hours, shopping at the last minute, great tidying up, baking, admit that it's a lot of work, which sometimes interferes with the pleasure and uniqueness of Christmas. We are tense, tired and stressed, we think if everything will go as it should. When we decide to travel during this period, we are able to fully concentrate on our loved ones. Without losing any of the festive atmosphere, we gain peace and uniqueness of this time.

The biggest dilemma when deciding to celebrate holidays away from home is the need to part with homely food and your own four corners. Our spacious, comfortable apartments with a beautiful view, tastefully decorated in a modern style with beautiful accessories await our Christmas guests. Each apartment has a fully equipped kitchenette, luxurious bathroom and comfortable beds. We take great care to ensure that each of our guests feels the warmth of a home hearth.

Holidays by the sea are also a perfect solution for all active people who, instead of spending time on the couch, prefer walking or doing sports. Jogging on the beach, walks with a cup of hot coffee or tea, sunsets on a snowy beach, all this creates a unique atmosphere. You can also try swimming, sledding down the dunes or build a snowman on the beach. The empty coast in winter scenery is the perfect respite for the mind. Let's emphasize that you don't have to be an athlete to strengthen your immunity and muscles or improve circulation. Long walks along the seashore will be a nice start to healthy exercise even for the laziest.

A Christmas getaway is also a great opportunity to recharge your internal batteries. An atmospheric Christmas by the seaside is an ideal option for families who want to avoid the pre-Christmas rush and stay close to nature at the same time. You can enjoy a well-deserved relaxation with your family and do not worry about any preparations, cleaning or cooking.

You can't get bored during holidays spent at the seaside. The Tri-City offers many attractions for couples and families with children. In addition, Gdańsk, Gdynia and Sopot look magical at this time through decorations, lamps and ornaments. She's going to be enchanted.

Christmas spent in an extraordinary sea atmosphere is a break from everyday life. We make every effort to ensure that the holidays spent in our apartments enrich our guests with extraordinary memories.

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