Rent an apartment and spend Easter by the sea
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Easter is a time full of joy and the first breaths of spring. Spent in an apartment by the sea will be a great opportunity to experience moments together with your family, staying together, building new memories. Book an apartment and enjoy the holiday time in a seaside atmosphere.

Easter falls on April 9-10 this year. It's good to allow yourself a few days off, for example from April 7 to 11, to enjoy a full rest. Walks along the seashore and a multitude of attractions that await you in the Tri-City will perfectly complement the blissful Easter time.

If you are still wondering, think about how much time and nerves you will save yourself and every day by avoiding the Christmas fuss. The frenzy of cleaning the apartment, washing the windows and all the long-forgotten nooks and crannies of the house alone causes headaches, nervousness and mutual screams at each other. Plus, shopping, queuing for checkouts, and long cooking. You can allow yourself to breathe and avoid it by choosing a trip to the seaside this year.

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When planning holidays away from home, you can be sure that everything will be refined to the smallest detail. Spending Easter with your loved ones at the seaside is a time to have fun and catch up on time together. The nerves of preparation will not win. You will be able to focus fully on your loved ones. Such a trip will save you all the frustration and nerves that maybe the cake didn't turn out as it should, and yet your long-unseen aunt will visit you and she will certainly criticize it. So you will gain peace of mind and a lot of free time, which will be only relaxation. What's more, you can spend it exactly how you want, while paying attention to your loved ones. You will see that it will be good for everyone in the household.

Besides, Easter by the sea is full of attractions. The Tri-City wakes up in spring, there are places to walk, you can visit and learn about new nooks and crannies, and walks on the beach, bicycle trips along the coast, or sitting in a restaurant overlooking the Gulf of Gdańsk will give you great pleasure and health benefits. Spring on the Baltic Sea is a great way to provide the body with the necessary dose of iodine and strengthen it after winter.

Preparations for departure are only packing a suitcase and booking accommodation. Easter at the seaside is a great way to relax with the whole family, get to know new places and see amazing landscapes. When deciding to travel, see our apartments and offer:

We wish you a nice holiday in our apartments!

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