VII edition of Hevelka in Gdańsk
2022-05-06 / Facebook

Are you a gourmet of craft alcohol? You can rub your hands together, or rather prepare your taste buds. Soon, on the weekend of May 20-21, the 7th edition of Hevelka will be held in Gdańsk. This unusual alcohol festival is fast approaching.

Hevelka is the largest brewing event in northern Poland. The organizers are preparing many attractions this year. In addition to the best craft breweries from all over the country, there will be several beer premieres prepared especially for this occasion. New flavors are waiting. Additionally, you will have the opportunity to learn the secrets of brewing beer.

Do you prefer other liquors? Tinctures, distillates and liqueurs are waiting. A new importer and distributor of Italian wine on the wine market will also be presented. He has over 700 different types of this drink. Of course, food must not be missing. The best food trucks from the Tri-City and the surrounding area will eat at the event. Sounds delicious? Yes!

The festival is emphasized with an ecological accent. As a participant, you will have the opportunity to receive a commemorative glass. This is to eliminate plastic and save the environment. If you choose not to buy a glass, you'll get a voucher to redeem at the festival shop. What can you find there? Festival gadgets, including: bags, towels, lanyards, as well as snacks or good coffee. What will you choose?

Moreover, transportation is facilitated. Dedicated, free buses labeled "Hevelka Festival" will depart from stops located at the Main Railway Station in Gdańsk and at the Gdańsk Wrzeszcz station.

And one more thing - accommodation. You don't have to worry about a roof over your head. Our apartments will provide you with the living conditions of your dreams. They are fully equipped and located in the best locations in the Tri-City. Both before and after the festival madness you will rest in comfortable conditions. Give yourself peace and luxury - choose BillBerry Apartments.


So how? See you later!

Hevelka Festival of Craft and Regional Beers
Time: 20-21.05.2022
Venue: VIP restaurant Polsat Plus Arena Gdańsk stadium
Tickets: PLN 25 (available online or during the event, at the ticket office before entering the event)

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