Fishing harbors in the Tri-City
2022-11-02 / Facebook

Walking along the shores of Zatoka Gdańska, you can come across fishing harbors. This is a real attraction, although unfortunately there are fewer and fewer of them. In the Tri-City, we suggest going to three extremely charming, typically marine places.

The first is the fishing harbor in Sopot. It is an undisputed attraction - it has been on the same site since the 13th century. It is located in the southern part of the beach, at the mouth of the Karlikowski Stream, next to the "Przystań" Bar. Here you can buy fresh fish and see the typical fishing boats. A handful of fishermen have survived to this day and they go out to the Baltic Sea every day. There is a chapel in the marina with the intention of "a happy return from the sea". The Sopot fishing harbor is entered in the register of monuments of the Pomeranian Voivodeship.

Sopot Fishing Harbor

One of the most picturesque places is the second fishing harbor in the Tri-City, located in Gdynia-Orłowo. On the beach, on the left side of the Orłowo pier, near the famous cliff, you can spot small colorful fishing boats from afar. They stand there decorating the coast and are a joy that not only tourists visiting Gdynia, but also residents and local photographers love to capture in photos. Boats fit perfectly into the Orłowo sea landscape, giving it colors and a specific, charming atmosphere. Fishermen go to sea every day, and the fresh cod and flounder they catch can be bought between 6:00 and 9:00. Later they are available as smoked fish in the shop next to the marina.

Orłowo fishing harbor

The third marina is located in the north of Gdynia in the Oksywie district. We will feel there as in a real fishing village. A small number of houses, a narrow street and a beautiful panorama of the Baltic Sea, from which you can see the Hel Spit in the distance. At the end of Osada Rybacka Street, we will reach old fishing utility rooms and steep stairs leading down to Kępa Oksywska. Along the stairs there are tracks of one of the two funiculars in northern Poland, which was used to transport catches from the fishing harbor. After going down the stairs you will find yourself on the beautiful (built in 2015) Oksywski boulevard.

Oksywie fishing harbor

Fishing harbors are undoubtedly a rarity that cannot be missed while at the seaside and wanting to feel this unique atmosphere.

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