Gdynia's nature reserves
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Gdynia is one of the youngest cities in Poland. Modern, quickly developing, it has an extensive port, a wonderful marina, a beach, and its buildings are unique on a European scale. Interestingly, it has as many as 4 nature reserves that are worth visiting during your visit to this city.

First of all, it is worth going to Kępa Redłowska. This reserve was established in 1938 as one of the first in Poland. It stretches along the Gulf of Gdańsk from Polanka Redłowska to the Kacza River in Orłowo. The natural beech forest on the cliff edge is cut by deep ravines with steep slopes under protection. The total area is 120 hectares.

Kępa Redłowska

In the Kacza River valley there is the Kacze Łęgi reserve. It includes a section of a stream with a small tributary and a well-preserved fragment of a riparian forest with a magnificent tree stand, including many monumental trees and a rich undergrowth. It is accessible from the Gdynia housing estates: Witomino, Karwiny and Mały Kack.

Kacze Łęgi

Within the charming district called Pustki Cisowskie, there is the Cisowa reserve.

It includes fragments of the edge zone of the Gdańsk Upland (approx. 150 m above sea level) and a part of the post-glacial erosive valley (approx. 50 m below). There are erratic boulders and rare species of flora and fauna.

Cisowa Reserve

The youngest nature reserve in Gdynia is Łęg nad Swelinia. It protects well-preserved riparian and oak-hornbeam forests as well as semi-natural mid-forest meadows. Of the rare birds, the black woodpecker and the wagtail are often seen here.

Łęg Swalina

Nature reserves are ideal places to relax for people who dream of carefree walking in the bosom of nature. Remember, however, that this is a place where we are guests, so let's go there with the right attitude. Let us only go along the marked trails, because there we have a guarantee of all the impressions that we can observe on the route.

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