How to get around the Tri-City?
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The first question most frequently asked by our guests is "how do I get to ...". So we gathered together and prepared this almanac, which in our opinion shows the best ways to get around our coastal metropolis.

We set ourselves the goal of presenting several alternative ways to suit the diverse tastes of our guests. You will find variants for those who like convenience, appreciate the economic value, but also for those who feel best being physically active.

We invite you to read.

Fast City Rail - SKM

Yes, this is probably the fastest way to traverse the entire metropolis along. Recently, thanks to PKM (Pomeranian Metropolitan Railway) also in breadth. This favorite (not only by the inhabitants of Gdańsk, Gdynia and Sopot) means of transport is also eagerly used by the inhabitants of other towns of the Pomeranian Voivodeship, because SKM-ka also provides a good connection with Słupsk, Lębork, Tczew or Kościerzyna.

It is undoubtedly one of the most effective ways of avoiding the traffic jams in the Tri-City (especially in summer). The travel time between Gdańsk and Gdynia is approximately 30 minutes, and the journey from the airport to the center of Gdańsk will take approximately 40 minutes.

It is worth knowing that one ticket purchased at the ticket office (e.g. at the Main Railway Station in Gdańsk) entitles you to use both SKM and PKM.


A detailed timetable, ticket sales points (you can also buy them online) and their prices can be found here.

Buses and trams

It is not only the title of the hit of the rock band T-love. In the Tri-City, this means of transport is the best complement to the above-mentioned high-speed train, which reaches everywhere where there are no railway tracks.

The entire Tri-City has a well-developed network of bus, tram and trolleybus lines. Many of them travel to places that will interest every tourist. There are also those that drive right up to the beach.

The trouble is that the cities that are part of this metropolis are served by different carriers and require different tickets. This is very important for the visitor, who often does not even notice that he is driving from one city to another.

A solution may be the so-called metropolitan ticket, which allows you to travel throughout the Tri-City without the risk of being fined for a free ride. All information and the option to purchase such a ticket can be found on these pages.

For those who will only travel within specific cities, we recommend the websites of local carriers:

When planning a trip around the Tri-City using public transport, it is best to use the "How do I get there?" application, which, after entering the start and destination place, will show us specifically which lines to use and where to change to reach the place at the optimal time. It will also tell you the departure times for each stop.

To be a driver in the Tri-City.

This is not an easy task. This type of transport is not our favorite, but we understand and respect those who choose the comfort of their own vehicle. It is worth knowing, however, that navigating the streets of the coastal metropolis is not the easiest one. Especially in summer, when the A1 motorway from the south and the S7 expressway from the east are bursting at the seams.

Driving, driving, but the real challenge is to park your car. We must remember that large parts of cities are periodically excluded from car traffic (Dominican Fair and other events), which causes a significant reduction in parking spaces.

A rental car?

However, if you want to see something more (and there are many places worth visiting in the area), you should consider renting a car. At a price from PLN 100 to PLN 300 (depending on our preferences) per night, we can easily rent a vehicle that will take us to the chosen place.

In the Tri-City, we can take advantage of the offer of car rental companies (both large chains and cheaper local ones), as well as take advantage of the popular "by minute" rental (there are also options available for the day). A few minutes with the search engine will provide us with a wide selection of offers.

Paid carriers.

There are many taxi corporations operating throughout the metropolis. We can choose from well-known international networks and slightly cheaper local carriers. A functional list of the best carriers can be found, for example, here.

Fans of U-shaped rides will also have no reason to complain - not only the most famous application is functioning in the Tri-City, but also many similar brands.

Muscle strength and… battery

If you like to spend your holidays actively, we have good news for you - the Tri-City is very well prepared in this respect. There is an abundance of bicycle paths, and every one is more charming. In the coastal belt we can get practically everywhere, and the area is full of beautiful scenic routes.

In addition to bicycles, we can easily rent a scooter or scooter. This form of traveling is a very interesting alternative and we strongly encourage you to try it out.

By tram on the water

Finally, we left probably the most interesting means of transport that this (after all seaside) agglomeration has to offer - the water tram.

With its help, we can easily, quickly and pleasantly traverse a number of interesting routes. The lines connect Gdańsk, Gdynia, Sopot and even Hel. We will also sail to Sobieszewo and Westerplatte. The view of the city from this unusual perspective is a completely different experience and an opportunity to take many picturesque photos.

Details about the timetable and tickets can be found, for example, on the most popular Tri-City portal -

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