Where to go on a long weekend - an idea for a successful long weekend
2023-03-07 / Facebook

We all look forward to spring, sun and warm days. Along with the accompanying impatience, we can plan a rest. And rightly so, because soon one of the most beautiful months, May, and with it, the long-awaited May weekend. There is only one question: where to go on May weekend?

May weekend


You think this place is too obvious? You're wrong. It is not only the city, monuments and the sea. First of all, you have a lot of routes here that you can explore both by land: on foot or by bike, and by water: by kayak or by boat. We recommend a trip to Sobieszewka Island, a picnic in one of the beautiful parks in Gdańsk, a picturesque route from Stogi to Górki Zachodnie or a cruise to Westerplatte. As you can see, you have a huge selection of unobvious attractions and depending on what you like to do the most, you will choose the right entertainment and find a new way to spend your picnic in Gdańsk. One thing is for sure - you won't be bored!



Instead of a traditional stay in the city, we recommend going a little crazy and visiting places that will firstly delight you, and secondly, surprise your friends with later stories. Few people know that Gdynia already has over 50 murals. It is worth taking a walk along their trail to discover them. Gdynia's street art doesn't have an official map, so you have to keep your eyes wide open. It is worth visiting Starowiejska and 10 Feb. Streets as well as the quarter designated by the following streets: Portowa, Derdowskiego, Św. Peter and Washington. Another unusual proposition to spend time here is to explore the city from above. In Gdynia we will find a lot of vantage points that few people know about. In addition to the popular Kamienna Góra and the observation wheel by the beach, we invite you to the Donas Mountain (the highest hill in the city), "Vidoczek" in the Witomino district, point at ul. Ceynowy in Leszczynki or at ul. Turquoise in Obłuże. Other places, still Gdynia, and views out of this world ;)



Sopot is an attraction in itself. A small, atmospheric seaside resort attracts visitors at any time of the year from the beginning of its existence. However, the city also has places that not everyone knows about. One of them is Hare Hill. It is a reserve with a vantage point, on the top of which you can watch sports competitions at the forest athletics stadium, as well as admire the panorama of the city and the vastness of the Baltic Sea. We also recommend the Squirrel Trail, a four-kilometer path that runs almost entirely through a dense forest. It's the perfect solution for a walk. It is worth going to the side streets full of old, historic tenement houses with beautiful verandas (including Obrońców Westreplatte Street). For those who want luxury, the only saunas of this type in Poland are available on the beach, and the Balneological Center offers health brine baths and inhalations.


Of course, these are only a few suggestions for spending a picnic by the sea. The Tri-City has prepared numerous attractions, including concerts, performances as well as cultural and sports events in which you can take part. Local institutions have many offers, including packages for the whole family. Also remember about the gastronomic zone, where you can choose from countless seaside flavors. May promotions and offers are definitely waiting for you.

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