Interesting places in the Tri-City that are worth visiting with a child
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Are you going on vacation with your children? That's great! We have several suggestions for you, where you will spend your time in a fun and creative way.

Holidays in the Tri-City are not only walks along the seashore, making sand cakes, ice cream and waffles. It has a lot of space for families with children, where you can have a great time, gain new knowledge and skills, and most of all experience unforgettable holiday moments. So, welcome!

1. Experiment Science Center (Gdynia)

When visiting the Experiment Science Center, you should reserve a half or even a full day. This place will delight children, teenagers and adults alike. You will surely get caught up in a whirlwind of puzzles, interactive shows and experiments. The main exhibition is divided into several thematic zones. Each of them offers different tasks, knowledge and entertainment. You will learn about physical curiosities, something from the world of nature and animals, assemble a human body, dig out a dinosaur, and even measure the scale of your voice by shouting at your best in a special room and try a car driving simulator. Of course, these are not all the attractions, so it's worth taking a look in person and just having fun.

2. Hevelianum (Gdańsk)

This place was created with the utmost care. Can interest children of all ages. Moreover, adults too. Hevelianum is a multimedia educational center located in a 19th-century fort in Gdańsk surrounded by a park, where you can take a beautiful photo of the city panorama from the viewpoint on Góra Gradowa. You will spend many hours here. The Center has several departments, including: "Around the world", "Playing with history", "With energy". You will know, among others the principles of energy and reenergy generation, you will shoot a virtual cannon, you will feel the impact of a hurricane in a special chamber. This is a must-see on the Tricity family map. Have fun!

3. The Sea Aquarium (Gdynia)

Gdynia Oceanarium allows you to get to know the most exotic fish and marine mammals inhabiting the Baltic Sea. But not only that. Unusual species of fish, amphibians and reptiles from many regions of the world, for example from Africa, North America, as well as from the northern, most remote parts of our continent, await nature lovers. Among them are really rare species, such as freshwater stingrays, giant octopus, demersal shark, red piranha, the world's smallest crocodile - short-tailed snake or the heaviest snake in the world - green anaconda. In total, the Gdynia Aquarium is inhabited by over 1,500 living organisms from 250 different species.

4. Oliwa Zoo (Gdańsk)

It is the largest zoo in Poland. Over 160 species of animals live here, and their total number exceeds 800 individuals. The zoo is a great place where both scary and younger people can have a good and pleasant time. Elephants, hippos, giraffes, zebras, crocodiles, lions, cheetahs, llamas, alpacas, bison, chimpanzees, wolves, meerkats, many species of birds and reptiles are just some of the animals that you can admire while strolling through the well-kept and green alleys. There are also places where you can buy ice cream, waffles and coffee. Of course, it is worth booking a whole day for a walk around the zoo, so that you can fully enjoy the view of the animals and a beautiful walk.

5. Aquapark (Sopot, Reda)

Good news for all those who like water attractions! We have two water parks in the Tri-City. The one in Sopot has several hundred meters of swimming pools, a toddler zone, paddling pools for children, slides, shallow and deep pools. The second one, in Reda, has the only slide in Poland that runs through the center of the aquarium with sharks. In addition, it has a swimming pool with a sea monster pedestal and a giant bucket pouring 400 liters of water, and the children's pool is equipped with a ship with seven slides. Here you can experience an unforgettable, fun-filled water trip full of adventures. See for yourself!

6. Playground on the beach (Gdynia)

It is hard to believe that this huge, generally accessible playground is located on the City Beach in Gdynia. On a warm and sunny day, your little ones will have a great time, and you will be able to enjoy the view of the sea and relax sitting on a nearby bench on the beach. In the square there are swings, merry-go-rounds, slides, a pyramid and a climbing wall, houses, a locomotive and many other attractions. There is also a music corner where children can play drums. The whole thing is modern and safe, tempting with variety and colors, and the fact that it is located on the beach is its greatest, additional advantage.

7. JumpCity (Gdynia, Gdańsk, Rumia)

Your child is constantly on the move? He jumps and rides, and you don't know how to use his energy? Take them to JumpCity. It is the largest network of trampoline parks in Poland. By the way - you will also have a great time there. Thousands of square meters of trampolines, lots of attractions and unique trainers create an atmosphere that you will not find anywhere else. Come on, HOP!

8. Loppy’s World (Gdańsk) It is the largest playroom in the Tri-City. Slides, tunnels, pitches, obstacle courses, mini climbing wall, everyone is delighted. Your day will be active and surprising, full of good impressions and great fun. The facility is roofed and air-conditioned, so it is worth taking shelter in it on a hot day. There is also a restaurant on site, where you can have a snack during moments of rest from fun. Importantly, you also have a separate zone for a toddler 1-3 years! Go ahead.

9. Papugarnia (Gdańsk, Reda)

This is a place that attracts both large and small. You can see different species of these birds here. Parrots are in a specially prepared interior. They are tame, you can approach them, stroke them and feed them. Moreover, they demand attention and love to be admired. Don't be surprised if one of them immediately sits on your shoulder or ... on your head.

10. Adventure Park Kolibki (Gdynia)

It is the largest adventure park in Poland, where everyone will find something for themselves. The vast area professionally prepared for the implementation of various activities and sports offers a large selection of attractions. You can go crazy and learn a lot. There are, among others, a shooting range, rope parks, a quad track, tree houses, a paintball field, a climbing wall, various obstacles and an Indian settlement. Classes are conducted by highly qualified instructors. Reserve yourself a full day. This is where you will feel the real adrenaline!

11. Lemur Park (Rumia)

There are many attractions for families with children. First of all, you will meet exotic animals here, feed lemurs that will gladly jump into your hands, hold a snake, pet kangaroos. Yes Yes! This is not a joke. The park is located in an open space. Through the exhibits scattered everywhere, it shows what prehistoric life was like, it presents unique plants, insects and giant dinosaurs that are unheard of today. In addition, it has a knight's settlement, also a huge inflatable slide, where every child will have fun. During this time, adults will be able to drink a coffee or a chilled drink in a cafe on the premises of the facility, sitting at a table under an umbrella.

12. DejaVu Museum (Gdańsk)

It is an amazing place full of optical illusions, illusions and digital art. The youngest and the elderly will find their place here. The interactive museum is open to everyone. This is where your mind plays tricks on you, you will be amazed and surprised. Inside, there are several themed rooms that will surely make you dizzy.

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