The most famous sculptures and monuments in Sopot
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Are you going to Sopot? This seaside resort is distinguished by its proximity to the beach, charming restaurants and cafés. However, there is one more thing few know. Sculptures and monuments worth seeing in this city.

Monument to Wojtek the Bear.

It is a sculpture of a nice bear peeking at Sopot walkers. It has been standing in the city since 2019. Wojtek the bear was adopted by Polish soldiers during World War II and became a faithful companion on the square of arms. He learned to drink beer, smoke cigarettes and willingly wrestled with soldiers. The bear became a full-time private with his own military book, pay and registration number as well as a double food ration. His story is known all over the world. It has already had several monuments, including in Edinburgh, in the Italian Cassino or in Szymbark near Gdańsk.

Wojtek's teddy bear from Sopot can be admired on the slope belonging to the church of St. George, right next to the main Monte Cassino promenade. The monument was designed by Paweł Sasin, a graduate of the Gdańsk Academy of Fine Arts.

Miś Wojtek

Sculpture of a fisherman.

It has been attracting the eyes of tourists for many years. It is enough to take a look at the street in front of the Crooked House in Sopot (Gen. Józefa Bema street). The fisherman balances on a rope between two tenement houses. He holds a fish in one hand and a fishing net in the other. It quickly became part of the city's landscape and became one of its landmarks. The author of the sculpture is Jerzy Kędziora, an artist from Częstochowa, a graduate of the PWSSP.


Sculpture by ECHO.

It is a work that evokes many emotions and divides the inhabitants of this seaside city. Some people think it has bad associations. It is almost 4 m high and made of bronze. It is supposed to be an expression of art in the city's public space. It can be seen at the roundabout connecting Bitwy pod Płowcami and Hestii streets. This is the work of the famous sculptor Xawery Wolski.


Monument to the Martyrdom of Polish Residents of Sopot.

It was created for the murdered residents of the resort. On the walls of the monument there are 74 names of Sopocians who were murdered by the Nazis during the Second World War. It was unveiled in 1985. It is located at Kościuszki Street. It was designed by Adam Smolana, a famous sculptor from Sopot.


Monument to Jan Jerzy Haffner.

It is a likeness of the founder of the Sopot health resort located in the North Park between the SFINKS club and the Grand Hotel. It was established in 2004. Haffner, commissioned by the Prussian authorities, co-founded the seaside resort in Sopot and organized the town as a resort. He is considered one of the city's founding fathers. The monument is located at Powstańców Warszawy Street.

Jerzy Haffner

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