Strengthening immunity by the sea
2023-01-26 / Facebook

Proper functioning of our immune system is one of the main conditions of health. If we take care of immunity, it "repays" us by protecting us from various viruses, fungi and bacteria. By coming to the seaside, you can strengthen your body!

Climate change first. Sounds trivial? But it is true! Our body gets used to the conditions in which it functions on a daily basis. Climate change is like training. Our body starts to work completely differently, more efficiently, it launches defense mechanisms and starts working at higher speeds. Thanks to this, we become more resistant to frequent weather changes, rain, first frosts and cold.

Second, sports and hardening. And we're not talking about swimming right away (although we sincerely recommend it!). The Tri-City has wonderful bicycle paths along the shore or in the forest. We can rent bicycles on site and it is really a small cost. We can also do Nordic walking. Walking by the sea, it is worth doing a few "ordinary exercises" such as sit-ups, sit-ups or push-ups. Group meetings are also becoming very popular. Yoga on the beach, fitness or zumba. The sea and sand create an extraordinary atmosphere for these activities. Each class is great fun and hundreds of calories burned. For the more adventurous, we recommend kitesurfing. While it may seem difficult to master, it really isn't.

Third, the effect of sea air on the functioning of the body. Of course, it is about the high content of iodine and other elements. Especially in autumn and winter, when the wind blows stronger, it is worth taking a walk and breathing deeply. In the air, the so-called brine aerosol that moisturizes the respiratory tract and helps to remove impurities. Iodine prevents infections of the respiratory system, helps to regulate metabolism, work of the nervous, circulatory and muscular systems. Just health!

Another point is meals. Eat a variety of foods and snacks rich in vitamins. Not only on trips. While staying at the seaside, it is worth eating fish. Those bought straight from the cutter are the freshest and have many health-promoting properties. It is a valuable source of protein, Omega-3 acids, iodine, magnesium, vitamins A and D. Of course grilled or baked fish is healthier than fried fish. It is worth betting on a good, reputable restaurant, where chefs know what fish is worth eating at the Baltic Sea at a given time of the year.

Boosting Resilience at Sea

Remember, staying at the seaside has a positive effect not only on your health, but also on your well-being. It's a great way to build up immunity and completely relax, regardless of the season.

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