Towns famous for amber. Where to look for Polish gold?
2023-05-17 / Facebook

Spending holidays on the Baltic Sea, it is worth thinking about a suitable souvenir that will remind us of holiday moments. Seaside stands are bursting at the seams with all kinds of gadgets. But what if you want something truly original? There is only one answer - amber. What could be better than a real piece of amber that we found alone on the beach?

Called Polish gold, it is valued all over the world, and finding it on a Baltic beach is not a miracle and is not as difficult as it may seem. We suggest where to go for it, what kind and when to look for it.

Amber nuggets are washed ashore by stormy waves. Therefore, it is best to go searching when the weather is conducive to strong winds, especially north and north-east winds. Amber is more likely to come to the surface entangled in seaweed, sticks and garbage, rather than on the sand itself. It is worth watching the seagulls, which usually circulate above the seaweed, in search of food, thus telling us where to search. In addition, it is best to go on an expedition early, and really very early in the morning. The less people walking along the beach, the better for us :)


It is also important to check whether what we have found is real amber. The find can be rubbed with a soft cloth, because amber attracts dust particles or small scraps of paper. You can also, after returning from the trip, mix water with table salt. When we throw a found stone into it and it floats to the surface or gently sinks to the bottom, it means that it is authentic.

So where are we most likely to find Baltic gold? Sobieszewo Island! It is the largest in terms of area and at the same time the easternmost district of Gdańsk, located on the island of the same name. The waves throw the most amber ashore here. It can be found in the form of small stones as well as quite large specimens. The Tri-City will be the best place as a starting point for our trip. So if you are looking for accommodation, we invite you to take advantage of our offer of apartments:

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Looking for amber is a way to diversify our holiday time. It is also great fun that both adults and children will love. You can spend this time walking alone on the beach, as well as with your family. Regardless of the chosen option, we can be sure of one thing - we will enrich ourselves with new, wonderful memories.